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Our convenient online training prepares you to derive accurate, relevant results from every assessment. Training to administer the Financial Decision Tracker is now available and open to any professional registered with Older Adult Nest Egg.

Start with the Overview, then take the brief Tracker training. Simply pass the brief certification test after training to gain immediate access to the Financial Decision Tracker.

Groups or organizations interested in receiving comprehensive and customized training in the Tracker and other decisional assessments, should contact Dr. Lichtenberg. He conducts trainings in person, via conference call or webinar. Participants learn the scientific research underlying the assessments and the optimal methods to conduct them.Trainings are dynamic and interactive, allowing for customization, questions and discussion. Dr. Lichtenberg also consults with organizations to help them understand the problem of financial exploitation and how these interviews can protect their employees and the older adult clients they serve.

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Older Adult Nest Egg is designed to host three different assessment tools that will complement and enhance each other. The first in the trio -- the Financial Decision Tracker (foundational to all the assessments) -- is now available. Training to administer the Tracker is streamlined and straightforward.

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Financial Vulnerability Assessment (Coming Soon)

This in-depth evaluation is best administered by a mental health professional. It includes the Financial Decision Tracker and adds critical contextual factors that impact the integrity of the financial decision.

Financial Decision Tracker

This brief 10-question assessment is the basis to determine how and why the older adult has made a specific financial decision. Easy to administer regardless of professional background.

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Family & Friends Interview (Coming Soon)

Family & Friends adds information from a trusted third-party to help determine the quality of a client’s financial decision making. Easy to administer regardless of professional background. Training to conduct the Financial Decision Tracker is a prerequisite.

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