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Resources to maximize interview results and protect vulnerable adults from financial exploitation.

Train now.

Some level of training is required by anyone interested in conducting the interviews available here. Training to use the Decision Tracker is available to everyone. The Vulnerability Assessment, however, should be conducted only by a trained certified mental health professional.

Groups or organizations interested in receiving training for either interview should contact Dr. Lichtenberg. He conducts trainings in person, via conference call or webinar. Participants learn the science behind the interview tools and how to administer and score the interviews. Dr. Lichtenberg also consults with organizations to help them understand the problem of financial exploitation and how these interviews can protect their employees and the older clients they serve.


Financial Decision Tracker: Creation & Use

Dr. Peter Lichtenberg describes the research and testing behind his Financial Decision Tracker, a 10-question interview to review how an older adult made a particular financial decision.The Tracker looks for vulnerabilities in financial decision making, so older adults can be protected from exploitation and scams...


In-depth Research Rationale for Financial Decision Tracker

Dr. Lichtenberg details the science that informs his Financial Decision Tracker for older adults.Learn the factors that exacerbate psychological vulnerability in older adults.Dr. Lichtenberg also outlines the person-centered principles underlying his interview tool. ...


Learn by Watching

Dr. Lichtenberg explains the research background and use of his Financial Vulnerability Assessment (named FDRS here). Details are punctuated by excerpts from actual interviews.


Third-Party Resources

Administration on Aging

National Adult Protective Services
Contact to find out your nearest state chapter to report suspected abuse or exploitation.

Adult Protective Services of Michigan

Alzheimer's Association
Guidance, education and tools about cognitive assessments and how to determine whether a client needs further evaluation.


American Psychological Association
Office on Aging

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
For complaints against lenders or financial products and services

Federal Trade Commision (To Report Identity Theft)


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Older Adult Nest Egg assessments provide information only about financial decision-making performance. Assessment results detail the client’s responses to a specific financial decision or transaction. They assist the interviewer only in identifying potential areas of strength or challenge regarding that decision or transaction and as informed by the interviewer’s independent judgment. Assessments DO NOT provide diagnosis or treatment recommendations. Older Adult Nest Egg assessments are to be conducted by trained interviewers. Assessment reports are not stand-alone and require the interpretation of the interviewer and possibly a relevant professional within their scope of practice and in the context of all information they have gathered about their client. Assessments, risk scores and levels of concern are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent cognitive impairment. Information provided by Older Adult Nest Egg is not a substitute for face-to-face consultation with a medical or mental health professional and should not be construed as individual medical or mental health advice. Older Adult Nest Egg assessments and the statements made on this website have not been evaluated by other regulatory bodies.